Making decisions

I've been trying to figure out for a while what kind of blog I want this be.  I am thinking this is the reason I haven't been contributing much. Struggling with indecision regarding my life has been an issue for me.  And there's a quote for that! "Life is what happens while you are busy... Continue Reading →


A haircut can change everything

Today I am dreaming of a sandy beach, palm trees, and deliciously fruity alcoholic drinks.  I would be a glowing bronze babe in little bikini, my only care in the world would be if my sunglasses give me awful tanlines.   I got my haircut and it feels good.  Like a brand new lady.  Which... Continue Reading →

Home is wherever you are

Home is easy to find.  It's wherever he is, and the collection of furry babies we've acquired the past year.  I've been fortunate to live quite a few places the past three years, but none can compare to the contentment of us all being together.   From Pennsylvania to Massachusetts to New York... West Virginia... Continue Reading →


I let myself suffocate the past four months.  Attempting to control my path and direction in life has led to self-doubt and depression. A promising job interview in which everything seemed perfect and natural in its progression fell to pieces in a single second.  I had let myself dream of a life based around this... Continue Reading →

sitting still

I am sitting still for just a moment.  A mug of coffee, laptop fully charged... I am able to close my eyes and think.  About anything.  Everything.  Life gives one a lot to contemplate, question and appreciate. I attempt to capture life's memories and strive to live fully through my writing, poetry, photography and art.... Continue Reading →

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